Layers seem locked in place
  • Sorry Gus, I submitted a bug report about not being able to shift a Text layer out of a Group, thinking it was an isolated problem. 

    But now I find I can't move or rearrange any of my layers or groups! I can select them but not move them. I guess I've done something to screw things up somehow. I didn't lock anything so there are no padlocks showing. 

     Any suggestions?

    Cheers, Dave.
  • Okay, so I saved it and close Acorn. Came back and opened it later and found all was well again, so would that indicate a bug? Or maybe my system just couldn't keep up with the changes I was making?

    Cheers, Dave.
  • Something probably went wrong inside of Acorn.  Did anything print out from Acorn in  And if so, can you copy and paste that into an email to us?
  • Damn, I was afraid you'd ask me something technical. :-/

    Nothing came up on screen if that's what you mean. There was no actual indication of a malfunction; I was able to continue working on my project, just couldn't rearrange the layers is all. 

    I'll email you with whatever I can find in the Console app.

    Regards, Dave.

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