Printing directly to CDs and DVDs
  • My Epson inkjet printer is capable of printing directly to blank CDs and DVDs, but when I try to use that facility in Acorn neither the Print Settings, nor the Print... dialogue box present me with that option. Is this a fault of my printer driver, a problem with OSX.10.9.5, or something that's been omitted from Acorn?

    TIA, Dave.
  • Sounds like it's a printer driver problem of some sort.  Do you get the same options when you try and print from Preview?
  • Thanks for your reply, Gus.

    No, the CD/DVD option doesn't show up in Preview either, but I thought it might be a limitation of the Preview app. I guess it's my driver then, unless Apple have decided to block it with the OS somehow (if that's possible). 

    Cheers, Dave.

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