External edit from Photos app
  • The new photos app is pretty good but not in the Aperture category. This is not a discovery, merely a restatement of the obvious. 

    Direct external editing from Aperture was possible, so far not so from Photos. Yet though Photos is no slouch, it's limitations make an external editor that much more relevant. Is this dependent on work from Apple or would  an 'extension' furnished by Flying Meat be required? 

    I for one would very much like to continue work within the Apple/Acorn environment. 
  • The next version of Acorn (4.5.5) has an extension in it- and you can try it out now from the latest builds page:

    Since extensions only operate by copy, saving your file won't send it back to Photos.  It's a bummer, but it's what we have now.
  • Thanks for your prompt reply. I've installed 4.5.5 but have not found the extension. What have I missed? 

    When you say …"that's what we have now", do you mean this depends on the implementation announced for Photos in the forthcoming El Capitan OS?
  • Silly me, System Preferences-Extensions-Share Menu, of course, what else!
  • It works. Whole lot simpler than File-Export, but I'm still floundering. Through the share extension, Photos sends the jpg file not the adjusted raw file that I would like to use. Would there some way of doing this, or is it a limitation in Photos?  
  • As far as "that's what we have now"- when I was at WWDC, there were some rumors about round trip editing with Photos, but nothing has actually shown up yet that I've seen.  So… hopefully they'll add it for El Cap.

    Photos just sends to Acorn what it wants to, and I have no control over that unfortunately.
  • Understood. El Cap public beta is out soon, so we shall see what gives,then lobby Apple accordingly.

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