Sizing things just right
  • Gee, why is it nobody else asks so many stupid questions, am I really that dumb?  :-)

    Oh well, here I go again. I got really frustrate just now when I "borrowed" an image from the net to insert into my current project. I needed to resize it a little to make it fit but the image insisted on being too big or too small. It obviously snaps to an invisible grid (not the grid used for levelling photos as in the tutorials, I'm sure) but I can't find any mention of this annoying behaviour. It didn't have anything to do with the edges of my project. And I can't see any way of turning it off. I guess I need to know what it's called before I can find it in the tutorials.

    And while I'm bellyaching about size, I frequently need to adjust the size of a canvas by just a few pixels, deciding on the fly whether to crop or distort. But the only way to check how many pixels I've reduced the image by is to magnify it to such a size as to be able to see the individual pixels. So if the canvas is quite large I need to constantly shift it around within the window - or get a screen the size of my study wall! Is there any chance we could have a read out that constantly updates as we adjust size of a selection?

    Thanks for your patience, Dave.
  • For the snapping- if you click on the move tool (the top left tool), you'll get a new view in the palette which will allow you to set how snapping happens. Alternatively, if you hold down the control key while moving stuff around (after you click down), it'll reverse whatever snapping setting you have.

    In a future release, we've changed where these snapping settings are located, to make them more visible.

    The selection width and height show up in the selection palette.  Is that not working for you?


  • Thanks for your patience Gus. 

    Yes I see now, 'Guides' is the word I should have been looking for. I'm tempted to say the palette was empty yesterday when I was wrestling with the resizing tool, but in truth I probably just didn't notice what was there. The text is a little small for these tired old eyes.  :-)

    No, there's definitely no indication of width and height while the Apply Free Transform tool is in play. Could it be a compatibility issue? I'm running Mavericks on a 2009 iMac. .... yes I know, it's more likely to be something I'm doing wrong!  :-)

    Cheers, Dave
  • Oh- free transform is different from selection.  There's currently no way to see the width / height while doing a free transform, but it's on the todo list.
  • Right, sorry Gus, I guess my title for this discussion wasn't precise enough. 

    Cheers, Dave.

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