A point of preference
  • Purely a personal foible of mine Gus, I'm averse to apps insisting on putting a dot and file type code after the name of each file (to my mind it smacks of graffiti). It's not as if that info isn't readily available if we need it.  Would you consider including a Preference for adding or not adding the file code to a file's name when saving?

    Thanks a lot, Dave.
  • This isn't something I'd ever add to Acorn, sorry.  Maybe someday os x will get a good file type system again, but until then the extensions are needed so other apps know how to open files up.
  • Strange, I responded to your comment some hours ago but my reply seems to have disappeared. Was it removed?

    Anyway, I just wanted to make the point that most Mac apps, if not all, can tell what kind of a file they're dealing with, irrespective of whether a suffix is attached. It's one of the many reasons I tend to thumb my nose at microsoft users.  :-)

  • We didn't delete the comment- I wonder if the forum was just misbehaving.

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