Adding to a selection with the polygon tool
  • It may be a small bug in the app, but more likely it's me doing something wrong. 

    Anyway, if I want to add to a selection by using the polygon tool, I start of course by hold down the shift key to tell the app it's an addition. Then I have to let go the shift key, otherwise it forces the tool to select only in right angles or diagonals. But with the shift key released, the double click to close the polygon invariably cancels everything. The same thing happens when trying to subtract from a selection. I just can't figure out how to close the polygon without losing all my crawling ants.

    Suggestions anyone?

    Cheers, Dave.
  • Huh, I'm surprised this hasn't come up yet!

    At any rate- the quickest way to do this is to switch the selection mode to addition (as described here: )

    That way you won't have to use the shift key to add the selection.

    Hope that helps,

  • Ah yes, thanks Gus, I should have found that for myself. The older I get, the dumber.  :-)


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