Rotating into the fifth dimension?
  • I don't know if this is a bug in the app or not. Using either of the "Rotate 90°" options I found the image on the layer I was working on kept disappearing, which was somewhat alarming as I'd spent quite some time modifying it. 

    I eventually discovered that it doesn't disappear exactly, it rotates right out of the canvas! Depending on where I place it, I've been able to see part of it peeping over the threshold and drag it back in. Selecting the image doesn't seem to help; in fact the selection box stays where it is while the image disappears!

    I'm currently working on a canvas that's taller than it is wide, 1940 x 3074, I don't know if that's significant. Anyway, it would be really helpful if the selected area (or the visual part of the layer if not selected) would rotate on it's own axis. Is that feasible?

  • it sounds like a bug that you're running into.

    What version of Acorn are you using, and what version of the OS?

    And, can you make a screen recording of this problem in action (with optional commentary if you think it would help)?

    To make a screen recording, open up QuickTime Player (in your Applications folder), and then choose the File ▸ New Screen Recording menu item.  Then send that to, and we can hopefully figure out what's going on.

  • Thanks for reply Gus, yes I'll do a recording and send it to you.

    Regards, Dave.

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