Make selection line more visible
  • I would like the 'marching ants' selection to be more visible. I can barely see the selected pixels, especially on checkered transparent background which I happen to work with most of the time. I think it might be related to the retina screen I'm working on: a line width of one 'real' pixel is definitely too small. If that is intended default behaviour, then I would love to have a preference checkbox somewhere in the settings to control that. (I also think that the existing ants/clipped control should be moved there as well.)

    Can I have that, please? :)
  • We've been trying to think of something to make marching ants better on retina displays.  There's also the option to view the selection as clipped out - but some folks aren't too keen on that (it's under the Select menu)
  • Yes, I've tried the clipped out version, not a big fan. Maybe doubling the width of the line and length of the "ants" can help? 

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