Prevent cycling of Select tools when pressing M key?
  • I want to use the Rectangle Select tool, so I press the M key.

    But I was already on the Rectangle Select tool, so I am now using the Elliptical Select too.

    This infuriates me on a daily basis. 

    Don't make me think what tool I am on.

    Please give me a way of making a key always select the Rectangular Select tool, or not have the M key cycle through all the Select tools.

    Thank you!

    ps: should the tool tips not list Rectangular/Elliptical/Polygonal, or Rectangle/Ellipse/Polygon, rather than Rectangle/Elliptical/Polygonal?
  • I'll see what I can do about this in a future release.

    And yes, you're right about the tool tips- I'll get that changed.
  • Thanks Gus :)
  • This is still getting on my nerves, daily.
  • FWIW: This is changed in the next big release. However, no comment on when it'll be release yet.

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