Layer context menu options: merge down & flatten
  • Hi, I bought Acorn recently and I'm really happy with it. I was using Pixelmator before, and despite its flashiness I never really got on with its way of doing things.

    There is, however, one very minor thing that would make Acorn a lot more streamlined for me: The option to 'merge down' a layer by right-clicking on it in the layers stack, and also the option there to 'flatten all'.

    When I'm making quick edits to an image, I like to keep a revision history of sorts in the different layers. I'm always duplicating layers, adding effects, tweaking the opacity and then merging down. When I'm done I compare to the original by toggling layer visibility and when I'm happy I flatten all and save. I do this all the time, and putting those two options in the context menu would save me a lot of mousework.

    Anyway, for your consideration. Thanks. :)
  • Hitting Command and E keys will merge down one layer. Or to merge visible would be the Shift, Command and E keys. 
    Another way is to create a Group layer. You can have multiple layers in it and click on the little eye icon to be able to view the original layer below the Group layer then use the short cut keys to flatten the Group layer.
  • Thanks Nannyberries. I saw those shortcuts on the menu in fact, but it takes a while to get into the habit of using them. (Actually, even though I've been a Mac user for several years now I still find the shortcut key combos to be more awkward on a Apple keyboards for some reason.)

    Anyway, for better or worse I'm a menu guy, and I figure at least some other old Photoshop users will be in the habit of looking in the context menu for merge and flatten operations, so I stand my my suggestion. Gus can take it or leave it as he prefers, but it would be a big deal to at least one user. :)
  • I wanted to let you know that we've got this fixed for the upcoming release of Acorn 4.4, as well as in the latest builds which you can grab from here: <;

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