Torn edges effect
  • I'm trying to follow an online tutorial about creating a worn, torn edges effect for images. The tutorial (here) is done using Photoshop elements. I'm trying to do the same thing with Acorn, and I'm convinced it can be done - perhaps even easier. My specific hangup is using the eraser tools with a "100 Rough Round Bristle Brush". I can get brushes with the paintbrush tool, but not with the eraser tool. A tutorial on this using Acorn would be very helpful. Or suggestions. or even just point me in the right direction. Thanks very much in advance.

  • Oops. Found a tut on it, right in front of my eyes. My bad.
  • We're glad you found it!

    Here's a link to the tutorial in case any one else is looking: image edge.html


  • k, cool, can "make selection from image". I think I tried it but I wasnt dealing with pure white->black values so I got a bad response. Will this gradate the selection based off of the shift between the normalized B&W color space (ie: feather based on the values between white to black)?

    for example if I create a black to white gradient and choose to make selection from that image what can I expect in the form of the selection?

    Sometimes I talk and I am not sure if I know what I am talking about :D 
  • so I tried, and creating a selection from a black and white gradient fails. It seems to not be able to interpolate between the value change and save an accurate approximation of the selection. Thats okay though, there is still a workaround for my particular needs. explicit B&W shapes work none the less. Since the gredation test failed though, how accurate is the selection boundary aliasing for the simpler shape tests?
  • You'll have to use a Mask to Alpha filter first - since "Make Selection from Layer" uses the alpha in the layer for areas not to be selected.  So it's not treated as a b/w mask, but rather - if there's pixels in a layer, that's the area that will be selected.

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