Layer / image transform by default?
  • Hi, I've just started using Acorn and think its great but one thing I'm finding really frustrating is having to got to "layer -> Rotate & Transform -> Free Transform" to do just that?

    It seems to just upset the workflow every time, i import an image into a layer, i click on it to move / transform it but all i can do is move, why not make it move, transform and rotate by default, the workflow would be much more natural. Especially as a lot of the time, you want to move, scale... move a bit more then scale and currently it just doesn't flow right.

  • Someone else recently mentioned that they would like this- so I'll have to consider it.

    I've not put it there, because it seems like unnecessary clutter.  Once it's scaled, then how often are you going to want to scale it again?
  • Hi it would be much better, or at least give an option to allow this to be default if preferred.

    I've not put it there, because it seems like unnecessary clutter.  Once
    it's scaled, then how often are you going to want to scale it again?

    It would definatly not be unnecessary clutter, I cant think of a time where I imported a picture and it came in at the correct size, position and angle. You always have to do at least 2 of the 3 and currently everytime I import an image, I have to go thought 2 menus to do this and then confirm the transform. It would be much easier if it can be done immediatly once imported, or selected. You generally select -> (get the transform handles) -> transform -> unselect.

    As example, last night I was desiging an image which had 16 icons on it, the 16 icons I had done in other external software, so everytime I imported one, i had to keep going through the menus just to scale and rotate it into place. Then there was a few I was unhappy with so you go to "select" it (using mouse) and "nothing happens", you have to goto the menu -> transform etc etc.

    Like i said, it just disrupts the workflow quite alot.

    Hope it can be added as the software is great and besides that, moving from photoshop and paint shop pro (on windows) has been quite easy.

    Edit: Just wanted to say your response to this shows great support for this software!


  • OH- you're wanting it to happen right after the import, not at all times.  I've seen apps that have it all the time, and that would drive me insane.

    So now that I understand it a bit more, I'll consider it.
  • Hi, yes after import would be ideal.

    It would also better if the rotate and scale was in the right click menu. Just a quicker way to get there.

  • After thinking about this, instead of having it in the right click menu, it would be much better to have a "transform" tool in the tool bar, this means you can easily select the layer and then one button click to transform.


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