Can't select any font-size between 144 and 288. Bug?
  • Any numbers one types into 'Size' input-field (in Text inspector) are actually typed on the canvas, using the Text tool. How can I select say size 160 font (Helvetica Neue, if it matters)?
  • Version 4.5.1b1 (8912)

    PS. I either triggered some "switch" or it's a bug: after Log out the problem resolved. If it helps, the selected input field (the font's Size) would turn grey (instead of blue).
  • Request 1: Is there an equivalent to sizeToFit so that text-selection would snugly fit its actual text-content? This would then help aligning the text with rulers (since the alignment considers the selection, not the actual content). E.g. this below is too-tall and too-narrow. Do I have to fiddle with it manually or is there a shortcut to do so?

    Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 12.50.26

    Request 2: is it possible (now or in future version) to switch between Guides orientation (vertical or horizontal), no matter where the Guide is pulled from? Currently, if I want a horizontal Guide I have to pull it from the top Ruler. Why not also from the vertical (and closer) Ruler by using, say, Shift to switch orientations? 
  • If anything prints out in next time the problem occurs, I'd love to know about it.

    for sizeToFit:, the Shape ▸ Make Natural Size menu item will do the trick.

    I'll see what I can do about the guides- that's a good idea.  You can also control click on the canvas, and choose "New Guide…" which will give you an option of which type of guide to place.

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