Ignore locked layers
  • First, I love Acorn. I dumped photoshop and illustrator back around Acorn 2 and never looked back. Great software, and nice changes to the website. The website changes might be old by now, but they're new to me.

    Anyway, let's say you're using Acorn for drawing a comic strip. You have a layer, called panel-border containing a square shape with no fill acting as the panel border.
    You add some more layers containing elements for the comic strip. You frequently move the contents of these other layers around, but you never move the borders, so you lock that layer.

    Unfortunately, every time you try to select an element in one of the unlocked layers, if you miss by just a hair you get a warning dialogue telling you that the panel-border layer is locked. I know it's locked, I don't want to select or move it, that's why I locked it. Is there some way to tell Acorn to ignore locked layers when clicking, or at least permanently acknowledge the dialogue with a "don't show this again" sort of checkbox?

  • I'll see about adding a UI for this in a future release, but for the latest build (and for the upcoming 4.5 release) you can paste this in Terminal.app to suppress it:

    defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn4 suppressLockedWarning 1
  • It might even help to point to the build: http://flyingmeat.com/download/latest/
  • That is awesome. Thanks!

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